NCC is showing off.

website before and after photos
website before and after photos
website before and after photos
website display on mobile devices

NCC decided it was time...out with the old and in with the new. So we've attached a few photos that show the before and after of their new website.

NCC desperately needed a website that matched their brand message and better communicated the excitement of their products to Car Dealers around the country. As you can see the old site was very blah, with generic graphics and imagery. We needed a new site that helped car dealers understand that NCC was ready to move car buying customers in the dealership door, so we decide to use a short video in header area of their landing page to help communicate this concept. Having the top level navigation of the site sit over the top of the video added a nice clean display of the brand and video.

The new site also introduced custom icons and extended the color pallet of the brand. Nothing sounds better than hearing it straight from the client:

"A good website should be clean, share a simple easy to understand message and hopefully deepen a users understanding in order to set the stage for a user to engage or be converted. MightyClever helped NCC achieve these objectives with an absolute beautiful new website design" - Susan Lovett - Senior Manager, Marketing.

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